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Paris Drinks Guide: an insider’s peek into the city


Beverage Trade Network brings consumers closer to wine, beer, and spirits in Paris with the launch of its new Paris Drinks Guide.

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For the last 14 years, Beverage Trade Network (BTN) has provided a platform for wine, beer, and spirits brands to connect with importers and distributors. Today, BTN is at the helm of b2b events and competitions, shining the spotlight on those brands that deserve recognition from leading experts in the trade.

In May 2020, with the launch of London Drinks Guide, Beverage Trade Network took the first step in bringing together the world of b2b publishing and events to the end consumer. After the success of London Drinks Guide, BTN has also launched San Francisco Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide, Chicago Drinks Guide, and Los Angeles Drinks Guide.

Today BTN adds the Paris Drinks Guide to its chain of guides. The main aim of the Paris Drinks Guide and its counterparts is to give consumers an insider’s peek into the city. 

With the launch of the Paris Drinks Guide, consumers will discover new wines, beers, and spirits to sip on; recommended by some of the country’s top experts. 


Along with knowing what to drink and learning about the drinking culture in Paris, drinkers will also explore the ins and outs of Paris - from bars, to restaurants, to streets, and even events.

Readers will also hear from some of the city’s sommeliers and bartenders, who will share their favorite cocktail recipes, places to drink at, what makes their bars and restaurants successful, and more.

Paris Drinks Guide

The Paris Drinks Guide will be a one-stop-shop for both locals and visitors, as they will be able to connect with the city, it’s bars and restaurants, and the people behind them.

With the help of Paris Drinks Guide, you will now be able to go from “I don’t know what wine to order at this restaurant or buy at the supermarket” to “have you tried this red blend from Mallorca” or “I know this crazy hidden bar in the city with a highly acclaimed, award-winning bartender; and they do a mean pinacolada during the summer”.

“We have gone from strength to strength in the B2B drinks industry and now feel the time is right to take our expertise and contacts and talk directly to consumers with a unique platform that is based on the expertise of those sharing their views on it. We think our combination of information and education will be both interesting and fun for consumers,” says Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network.

Not only will the Paris Drinks Guide shines the light on what to drink, where to drink, and what to do; but the guide will also be a great platform for Paris Wine Cup winners, who will be promoted with interviews with the owner/head winemaker, brand-centric articles, video content, and more.

From hosting some of the top most events and competitions around the world, creating a name in b2b publishing, and also launching industry-centric podcasts like the Wine Whiskey Weed Show, Beverage Trade Network successfully continues to create a platform to bring together the alcohol-beverage world as one. Now, with the new consumer guides out there, BTN is creating more opportunities for drinkers to explore and learn about what they’re drinking, where to drink, who is making what they’re drinking, and more.

For more information, visit parisdrinksguide.com

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