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Why Enter

Being part of the Beverage Trade Network carries a number of significant benefits. Beverage Trade Network is one of the leading global platforms connecting wineries with importers, distributors, and retailers globally. It acknowledges the profile of the wine in the eyes of trade especially promoting your brand to the importers and distributors globally.

Paris Wine Cup rewards wines that are made well, taste great, offer great value for money and stand out on the shelf. Winning PWC Gold clearly demonstrates the trade how well the wine will be perceived in the market and will give the trade a very good indicator to stock that wine.

Here are some of the benefits and reasons on why you should enter your wines in Paris Wine Cup.

  • Raise your brands’ profile, prestige, and credibility with importers, distributors, press, retailers, and consumers

  • Instil confidence in the trade buyer about the marketability of your wine as PWC rates wines by its value, package, and quality.

  • Gives the consumer a sense and stamp of approval.

  • Relevant judging criteria for both On-Trade and Off-Trade sector.

  • Winners to get unparalleled global reach via the BTN network. See Marketing Impact For Further Details.